2022 real estate annual report of the France Notaries (Notaires de France)


15 December 2022

"A year marked by a decline in volumes and by prices which continue to rise"

The France Notaries unveiled this Thursday, December 15, 2022, the real estate report of the year and the initial trends for the beginning of the year 2023.

To keep in mind for 2022:

1,133,000: number of transactions were carried out over the last 12 months in France at the end of September,

+ 4.0%: the change over one year in the price index for older apartments in Continental France,

+ 8.2%: the rise over one year in the price index for old houses in Continental France,

43 m²: fundable area of an old apartment throughout France (monthly payment of 800€/month for 20 years and without contribution),

-1 m² over a year,

113 m²: fundable area of an old house throughout France (monthly payment of 1,300€/month for 20 years and without any contribution),

-10 m² over one year.

Counselor Edouard GRIMOND, Spokesperson for the CSN Office, in charge of real estate and housing, states: "After an atypical year 2021, the year 2022 is characterized on the one hand by a drop in volumes of around -5.4% over twelve months till the end of September and on the other hand by prices still which are still trending upwards. This is more the case for houses rather than for apartments. For the coming weeks, we anticipate the slow decline in volumes, while the mechanics of the rate of wear and tear can lead to a sale signature being deferred or even compromised. Moreover, the slowdown in the rise in prices has begun even though a decline isn’t a current concern. Over the medium term, however, we remain cautious in regard to our forecasts, as the macro-economic situation and the geopolitical context remain uncertain. In a context of energy sobriety, the quality of properties that are sold could have a growing impact on prices”.

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