Permanent representation of the Superior Council of French Notariat in Brussels

With the increasing mobility of citizens, notaries apply on a daily basis, in addition to national law, European Union law as well as international law, and even, in some situations, the law of another country. In this context, it seemed essential for the Superior Council of the Notariat (CSN) to have a permanent delegation in Brussels, as close as possible to the European institutions. 

The Office of the Notaries of France in Brussels: a bridge between the French notariat and Europe

The Office of the Notaries of France in Brussels was therefore created in 2005 to:

  • make the European institutions aware of the issues of citizens, entrepreneurs and notaries by maintaining daily contacts with European decision-makers;
  • meet the expectations of European actors on civil law issues by bringing them the expertise of notaries and by organizing events on topics that are the subject of their reflections;
  • bring the voice of the French notariat to the European actors on topics related to land tenure security and the rule of law in the developing countries.
  • actively participate in the work of the Council of European Union Notariats (CNUE) and collaborate with notarial representations in Brussels;
  • contribute to the awareness of French notaries of European issues by organizing or co-organizing national or European events. ;
  • take part in European projects of interest to the profession.

The French notary is registered in the Registry transparency of European institutions issue: 04981716394-32­

The Office of the Notaries of France in Brussels

36, rue Breydel

B-1040 Brussels