International Union of Notaries (UINL)

The International Union of Latin Notaries (UINL) was founded in 1948. Its legal headquarters are in Buenos Aires while its administrative offices are in Rome. It has 91 members on four continents. It currently brings together all the notaries in the world who are delegated by the public authority.

According to its articles of association, the UINL is "a non-governmental organisation constituted to promote, coordinate and develop the civil law notary worldwide".

The vice-presidency for Europe of the International Union of Notaries has been held, since January 1, 2020, by a French notary.

For 10 years, the UINL has been organizing a university of world notaries, named “Jean-Paul Decorps University” after the French notary who, under the presidency of the UINL, created this event; it brings together around a hundred participants from thirty countries every year.

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