The Superior Council of Notaries (CSN)

The Superior Council of Notaries is the professional organization of the notary, which is authorized to speak on behalf of the notaries of France. The CSN is a public utility establishment defined by the Ordinance and the Decree of 1945.



The notarial profession is delegated as the authority of the State. It participates in the public service of authenticity and land registration as well as in the collection of tax revenue.

Behind each notary, lies the notariat, through its identity, its infrastructures, its development. The Superior Council of Notaries leans on the quality of its links with the territorial bodies that structure the profession. It accompanies them constantly through the missions.


The CSN is the keystone of the notarial institution. It is at the disposal of elected representatives of the notariat, authorities, notaries and employees, and at the service of the public. The CSN is driving the transformation of the notariat. It ensures, over the long term, its cohesion, development and influence.

The tasks

The only body of the profession authorized to speak on behalf of all notaries in France, the Superior Council of Notaries is a public utility establishment. It leans on defined principles and mechanics by the Ordinance dated 2nd November 1945 and the decree dated 19 December 1945.

It represents the profession to the public authorities, determines the general policy, it contributes to the development of the notarial profession and provides collective services to notaries.

In its relations with the public authorities, the Superior Council of Notaries, contributes to the concept on the evolution of the law, gives its opinion on the draft legislations or the ongoing regulatory texts.

120 employees work on a daily basis, to serve notaries and the public