The International Institute of Notarial History (IIHN)

The International Institute of Notarial History (I.I.H.N.) / "Le Gnomon" aims: "to bring together enthusiasts of the notarial past, professional or non-professional historians, and lovers of notarial symbolism, attendance tokens, medals, signs , engravings, paintings, drawings, prints, uniforms, seals and others. Its purpose is to highlight and raise awareness in terms of history of the notariat, the notarial culture and to draw from this retrospective examination, all prospective consequences; it may, for this purpose, organize exhibitions and conferences, publish brochures and catalogs and carry out all activities allowing the direct or indirect development of the object defined above. Any action of a political or religious nature is formally excluded." 


The International Institute for the History of Notaries (I.I.H.N.) / "Le Gnomon" was created in 1974 by Me Tesnière. Since 2012, the current President is Me Jean-Pierre Clavel.

The notariats of 46 countries are members of the International Institute for the History of the Notariat. They are each represented on the Board of Directors by a Vice-Chairman. The I.I.H.N also has individual members in many countries.. 

The General assembly of I.I.H.N. 

Once a year, the I.I.H.N. holds its General Assembly generally in December, at the time of the Liaison Assembly of the Notaries of France. 

I.I.H.N. Review: Le Gnomon 

The review « Le Gnomon » is sent four times a year to subscribers, universities and various correspondents in more than 80 countries.Each issue features original historical studies on French or foreign notariats. These are historians’ or notaries’ works.

Other special issues are published during the year (in particular the proceedings of each Colloquium organized by the I.I.H.N., etc....). On the occasion of certain national congresses, an issue of the Review was distributed dealing with the history of the notariat and the region. 

Other activities of the I.I.H.N. 

The I.I.H.N organizes or participates in several exhibitions dedicated to the history of the notariat. This has been the case at several national and international congresses.