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Sophie Sabot-Barcet

A word from the President

Behind each notary there is the notariat, with its infrastructures and its collective organization. Managed by an office of seven notaries, the Superior Superior Council of Notaries (CSN) is the keystone of the notarial institution. Only he can speak on behalf of all notaries of France to the public authorities. It participates in the reflection on the evolution of the law and gives its opinion on the draft laws or the regulatory texts in preparation. It accompanies in their missions the bodies which, at the territorial level, animate the notariat, departmental chambers and regional councils. It determines the general policy of the profession in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, contributes to its evolution and provides collective services to notaries.

The institution has 120 employees with a wide variety of missions. 

With this presentation site, the Superior Council of Notaries wants to be more accessible, in its main principles as well as in its daily life. 


Sophie Sabot-Barcet, President of the Superior Council of Notaries