Agreement of objectives with the State

The 1st Agreement of Objectives of the notariat for the period 2021-2024 was signed by Eric Dupond-Moretti, Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, Olivier Dussopt, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, in charge of Public Accounts, and Jean-François Humbert, Chairman of the Superior Council of the Notariat on 8 October 2020.

It expresses the State's expectations with regard to the notarial profession, in terms of access to the law and the public service of justice, in terms of authenticity, territorial networking or contribution to the transparency of financial life.

Notaries, a component of the public service of justice, see through this convention their role reaffirmed by their supervisory authority, the Minister of Justice.

It sets commitments for its entire duration for:

  • the quality of the notarial public service, its dematerialization, continuity and security;
  • the preservation of the territorial network and participation in access to the law;
  • the cooperation of the notarial profession in the public service of land registration and in the exercise of the State's fiscal powers;
  • the collaboration of the notarial profession in the transparency of economic and financial life;
  • access to real estate and statistical data kept by notaries;
  • the international and European action of the notarial profession;
  • the contribution to the quality of the legal norm;
  • the action of the notarial profession at the service of the territories;
  • consultations between the parties on the future of the notarial profession and the economy of the notariat.