Second Vice-President

Laurence Leguil

Second Vice-president
Laurence LEGUIL

Laurence LEGUIL, 44 years old, notary in Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe) was elected on 25 October 2022 Second Vice-President of the Superior Council of Notaries. She is in charge of Europe and international affairs, monitoring the International Union of Latin Notaries (UINL), the Council of notariats of the European Union (Cnue), legal affairs, relations with the Centres for Research, information and documentation centres (CRIDON), the Institute of Legal Studies, the Association of the Congress of  rench Notaries, the evaluation of the law, competition and compliance. competition and compliance.

Since 2020, Laurence LEGUIL has represented the notaries of the Court of Appeal of Angers; from 2020 to 2022, she was Secretary of the Board of the 2022, she was Secretary of the CSN Board, in charge of European and international affairs development, competition law in the notarial profession and digital affairs.  Previously, Laurence LEGUIL held several positions, firstly within the Assembly delegate (2012-2016), then regional delegate (2016-2020) as well as within the CSN as a member of the European and International Affairs Committee International Affairs (2012-2016) and the Committee on European Affairs and Development (2016-2020). In 2018, she was rapporteur for the session on "Artificial Intelligence".

Laurence LEGUIL is married and has three children.