Office Secretary

Stéphanie Jeanjean-Boudon

Office Secretary
Stéphanie Jeanjean-Boudon 2023

téphanie JEANJEAN-BOUDON, 48 years old, notary in Carpentras (Vaucluse) was elected  Office Secretary of the Superior Council of notaries on 25 October 2022. She is in charge of digital technology, the training of notaries and their staff, the raison d'être of the notariat, the Mission development, relations with the Liaison Assembly and with the Mouvement Jeune Notariat (MJN). Representing the notaries of the Court of Appeal of Nîmes since 2020, Stéphanie JEANJEANBOUDON was President of the Commission for the Organisation and Development of the Offices of the CSN from 2020 to 2022.  

Stéphanie JEANJEAN-BOUDON has been a member of the Supervisory Board of ADSN (Activités et Development at the Service of the Notariat) since January 2020; she is also a delegate of the MICEN for the Court of Appeal of Nîmes since 2013. Previously, she held several positions within the Mouvement Jeunes Notariat as President of the 2020 Congress held in 2021 "Happiness at work: myth or reality", and General Reporter of the 2017 Congress "Notariat du 21ème siècle: enfin le zéro papier?  

Stéphanie JEANJEAN-BOUDON is married and has three children.